Tai Ceredigion Housing Association

Client: Mr Bryan

Mr Bryan of the Tai Ceredigion Housing Association contacted me in December 2018 and initially asked me to carry out a survey at one of their properties in Aberystwyth. I carried out the survey in January 2019, which included some sonic tomography scans and an aerial inspection of a single tree from a hydraulic platform (‘cherry picker’). In conversation, it became apparent that Mr Bryan was also seeking assistance with developing a tree inspection strategy to roll-out across all of Tai’s properties.

Tai Ceredigion - Proposal

I developed a proposal based on an initial triage of sites using freely available remote-sensing data followed by short-form on site inspection to identify obvious hazards.  The prioritised list of the properties would then receive a full inspection leading to detailed investigation on selected trees.

Developing an Inspection System

The strategy was tested on a subset of Tai properties which allowed refinements to be made to the triage process following which the strategy was rolled out across the whole estate. Various analyses were applied to the data generated at each stage in order to test the suitability of the strategy and to demonstrate its value in terms of hazards identified and eliminated.

The majority of trees (c.85%) required managed, minimal or no intervention. A single tree required an emergency response while the remainder required intervention on a shorter time scale in order to manage risks. Less than 8% were actioned for removal.

Finally, a database was developed to automatically track re-inspection dates and manage the trees in an on-going fashion.

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“We’re really pleased that Rich came on board and helped us develop and implement a tree inspection strategy. He’s really worked as part of the team, bringing creative ideas to the table and making proportionate recommendations to help us manage the tree stock across our estate. His reports are clear and concise, and the results of the decay detection are in every case accurate. Rich has made management of our trees easy. We’ve got a lot of trust in his work and look forward to a long on-going relationship.”

Mr. Bryan, Tai Ceredigion Housing Association

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