Our Services

Our Services

Take a look at some of the key areas that Wilson Tree Surveys can help.
We are always looking to expand and improve our knowledge and have invested a great deal into the latest investigative technologies.

Areas of Expertise

Safety & Condition Surveys

Safety & Condition surveys consider features of biomechanics, pests, diseases, environment and health to assess risks and make management recommendations.

Construction Planning Surveys

With careful construction planning we can contribute to achieving successful project outcomes in which trees complement and enhance the built environment.

Home Buyer's Reports

Occasionally trees near buildings can have a negative impact, it is important to understand this when considering the decision to buy a home or property.

Decay Detection & Aerial Inspection

We offer several methods of detailed tree inspection: detailed visual assessment using hand tools, Picus 3 sonic tomogrpaphy, IML Resi-drill microdrill resistography, aerial inspection and plan to add video capture by drone to our capabilities during 2019.

Statutory Tree Protection & Valuation

Trees may be conferred protection by a number of legal instruments including Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Area Statuses and the Forestry Act (1967). Valuations may be carried out using The Helliwell System and / or CAVAT.

Damage to Buildings

In cases where subsidence and structural damage can be linked to a tree’s growth, detailed investigations are needed to help property owners determine the correct course of action.

Boundary & Legal Disputes

Our role in disputes involving trees is to gather evidence, describe and assess relevant tree-related processes and present preliminary legal information to clients or their appointed legal representatives.


We’ve invested a great deal in the latest investigative technologies, these include; Picus3 sonic tomograph which employs sound waves to visualise a ‘slice’ through the tree, Resistography and direct electronic data capture.

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