At Wilson Tree Surveys, we’ve invested a great deal in the latest investigative technologies for decay detection from sonic tomography and resistography to more advanced video capture capabilities.

tree surveying with tomography

Picus3 Sonic Tomography

The Picus3 sonic tomograph employs sound waves to visualise a ‘slice’ through the tree or limb in order to detect decay and other defects in the internal structure. The technique measures the apparent speed of sound in order to determine the quality of the wood: in basic terms, sound is fastest in good quality wood and slowest in decayed wood. By making precise measurements of the distance between measuring points and of the time elapsed between sound being transmitted and received, the software can calculate a ‘map’ of wood quality represented in colour. Our device represents the latest advances in Picus instrumentation, uses Bluetooth wireless technology and GPS satellite-based position and time data.

tree surveying with resistograph

IML Resi-F 500-E Resistograph

Resistography is a complementary technique in which the resistance encountered by a turning 3mm diameter, 500mm long microdrill bit is measured as an indication of wood quality. Resistography traces can demonstrate exquisite detail: even individual rings of wood can be identified and sometimes counted to indicate tree age!

In general terms though, good quality wood produces high resistance while decayed wood produces low or nil resistance. Our device represents an updated version of the tried-and-trusted Resi-F series with a Bluetooth data acquisition and transmission pack.

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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

This Toughpad is worth its weight in gold. All-weather, in-the-field, direct electronic data capture has increased the efficiency of our service immeasurably. In addition, the device is powerful enough to run Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Picus and Resi-drill analytical software and AutoCAD LT outside, on-site, at the tree. 

tree surveying with drones wales

DJI Mavik Air Quadcopter

We plan to develop our service with the DJI Mavik Air Quadcopter, this offers excellent image and video capture capabilities in a compact and stable drone platform, offering canopy over-flight surveys, within-canopy aerial inspections in suitably open-crowned trees and inspections in situations considered too dangerous for direct human observation. This will represent an important step towards improving safety as well as extending the services we can offer.
More updates for this new service will be found on our blog as we make progress.

tree surveying with a drone

Autodesk AutoCAD LT, Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft Office 365 software

All our IT machines carry these three software suites allowing us to handle files and drawings in a range of formats and making full use of the capabilities to provide the most efficient service to clients. Reports and drawings are supplied in electronic format (.pdf and .dwg) as default, reducing our use of ink, paper and keeping heavy physical documents out of the postal system wherever possible. We can of course, supply you with any other format you require, including paper copies, if needed.

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What our Clients say

It's extremely important to us that our Clients are 100% satisfied with all work that we carry out, here is just some of the feedback that we have collated from our client portfolio...

Your sonic tomography assessment of the beech tree was very accurate and your recommendations clearly justified. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending you to other town, parish and community councils. Your service was outstanding and we’re still reaping the benefits.

Mr Jim Griffiths, Clerk, Machynlleth Town Council

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